Windows XP Battery Monitor

The Windows XP Battery Monitor is a small, system tray icon-based application that displays statistics about a portable computer's battery. Querying via the Windows API, the remaining charge and time are displayed, and then other information derived, such as the predicted time the battery will die.

Unlike the built-in Windows XP battery icon, this application displays the time remaining in the icon itself, and an easy-to-read, color-coded, accurately-drawn progress bar for percent charged.

This application was written in C# and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. It is only tested on Windows XP, but requires at least Windows 2000.


If you have Microsoft's C# compiler, it is recommended that you compile the source yourself to get the most optimized EXE for your system. If you don't, download the already compiled EXE.

All of the project's files are available through either anonymous CVS access (see the SourceForge help) or through the project's file list.